Alabama Peace Officers' Annuity & Benefit Fund Alabama Peace Officers' Annuity & Benefit Fund Alabama Peace Officers' Annuity & Benefit Fund
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On behalf of the Board of Commissioners of the Alabama Peace Officers’ Annuity & Benefit Fund, I welcome you to the Fund’s web site. The Annuity Fund was created by the State of Alabama Legislature by Act in 1969 and provides supplemental benefits for full time peace officers with the powers of arrest eligible for membership throughout the State of Alabama. The program provides retirement, disability, and death benefits to participating officers. Please look through the web site and contact me at (334) 242-4079 or if I can answer any questions or provide additional information.

John E. Hixon, Jr.
Executive Director

Steps Necessary to Join the Alabama Peace Officers' Annuity & Benefit Fund:

  1. Completed application, have your signature notarized, and your employment certified by your Sheriff, Chief of Police, or Legal Appointing Authority. If your beneficiary is a minor; by laws governing the Fund, you must furnish in writing the name, address, and social security number of a legal guardian (other than yourself) who would act on the minor's behalf.
  2. Copy of your birth certificate or current valid driver license to verify proof of birth.
  3. Copy of P.O.S.T (Peace Officers' Standards & Training) Affidavit or copy of P.O.S.T certificate.
  4. If your employer does not offer payroll deduction or you choose for your membership to be effective quickly, please attach a $30.00 (effective September 1, 2015) check or money order to your application.
  5. If you are interested, Act 2001-1100 allows active and contributing members to repurchase qualified service time as a full time peace officer in Alabama at the full actuarial cost (based on figures to be determined by the Fund Actuary). Please contact our office if you wish to purchase this option. 

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